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Terrific Monopoly Nostalgia

Terrific Monopoly Nostalgia

When Monopoly was first introduced in 1935 in America, the Great Depression was in full swing. Families couldn’t afford the luxury of going out and spending real money.

So instead, they decided to stay home and buy real estate with fake Monopoly money. And because Parker Brothers felt the financial strain as well, they came out with a more economical version of the game.

It was a small box that had wooden tokens because using wood meant using less paper which lowered the cost. Using wood also meant the product was more durable which made it last longer.

The game provided players with hours of entertainment which helped to relieve their stress which in turn made Monopoly’s popularity skyrocket.

Then, after the war was over and the Great Depression ended, the American people were happy and lighthearted again. Consequently, the 50s were dominated by rock’n’roll and sock hops.

Monopoly changed with the times and its cover was updated with playful artwork featuring Mr. Monopoly riding the railroad.

Terrific Monopoly Nostalgia Collector’s Edition

The Monopoly board game has been there throughout history through thick and thin. To commemorate such, in 2001 Parker Brothers and Hasbro created a special Monopoly nostalgia collector’s edition.

The Monopoly Nostalgia Edition (which we carry in our Collectibles Store) is reminiscent of both the 30s version and the 50s version.

It is stored in a wooden box that has a slide-open top with the 1957 railroad art on the front side and the history of Monopoly (with visuals) on the other side.

In addition, the box contains the 1930s style game board, 6 antique-looking tokens, wooden houses and hotels, and aged-looking Monopoly money.

This board game which has amused millions for almost a century is a wonderful piece of memorabilia that makes a terrific gift for both collectors and board game enthusiasts.

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