Wrought Iron Birdcage XL


Wrought Iron Birdcage XL. Use it in your garden for plants or house a large bird. It has 2 perches, 2 dish holders, swing-open door, and scroll legs

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Wrought Iron Birdcage XL

This extra-large, heavy-duty, round, black antique enclosure stands approximately 7.5′ tall. The diameter is about 3′ and the space between bars is about 1.5″. In the center, there is a straight perch as well as a large swinging hoop perch.

In addition, it has 2 round food dish tray holders and a large tight latching swing-open door. In addition, it has 6 sturdy ornamental iron scroll legs.

Fill the Wrought Iron Birdcage XL with plants and place it outside in your garden. Alternatively, use it to house a large bird. However, before using it as a bird sanctuary it would have to first be sanded and powder-coated.

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Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 90 in


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