Wizard of Oz Plate


Wizard of Oz Plate. A Knowles fine china 1978 9″ limited-edition collector plate titled “If I Only Had A Heart” featuring the Tin Man from the iconic MGM movie.

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Wizard of Oz Plate

This collector plate features the Tin Man character from the iconic MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz. The artwork is a scene from the movie on the Yellow Brick Road where the Tin Man sings about asking the Wizard for a heart.

Consequently, the title of this item is “If I Only Had a Heart”. The artwork was designed by James Auckland. This 9″ plate is the 3rd issue from the official Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Wizard of Oz Collection.

It was released in 1978 by Knowles, America’s oldest name in fine china. In addition, this item is a limited-edition. The edition number is #02859C. Furthermore, it is in mint condition.

The Wizard of Oz Plate is a wonderful piece of memorabilia/ It makes an excellent gift for collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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