Vintage Black Rhinestone Necklace

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Unveiling the Vintage Black Rhinestone Necklace.

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Vintage Black Rhinestone Necklace. This is a beautiful rhinestone choker necklace with a fishhook clasp. The main section of the choker is 10″ long. The latch in the back has an extra chain that attractively hangs down the back of your neck making the entire length of the necklace from end-to-end 17″ long. There are three rows. The outer 2 rows have 46 black rhinestones each made from cut quartz crystals. The center row has 65 clear crystals. All are securely in place. Take a close look at the back, you will see that the craftsmanship is very high quality.   The shimmering blue-black and sparkling white combined make this Vintage Black Rhinestone Necklace extremely glamorous.

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Dimensions 17 × .75 in


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