View-Master With 3D Reels


View-Master With 3D Reels. A collectible vintage handheld 3-dimensional picture viewing device that comes with a lot of cool color photograph reels

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View-Master With 3D Reels

This is a vintage set consisting of a chocolate-brown handheld viewing device and several packets of photo reels. The device creates a three-dimensional effect when looking at the photos which makes them more life-like.

There are seven small transparent color photographs in each reel and there are several reels in a packet. Each photo is a scene. When viewed one after the other they tell a story (i.e. a cartoon, a visit to the zoo, a tour of a country or city).

To view the photos consecutively, there is a lever on the side of the device that when pressed down, rotates the reel to the next photograph.

This View-Master With 3D Reels set comes with many fun and interesting reels including these titles:

  • Look and See in 3-D (2 reels #004-863 made in 1985 by Kenner Parker Toys, Inc.)
  • Jurrasic Park (1 reel)
  • Uncle Scrooge (1 reel #000-790 3005 made by The Walt Disney Company)
  • Donald Duck (1 reel #000-787 3005 made by The Walt Disney Company)
  • Winnie The Pooh (3 reels #005-288 3010 made in 1964 by The Walt Disney Company)
  • Noah’s Arc (1 reel #8511, 8513 made in 1965 by Sawyer, Inc.)
  • David and Goliath (1 reel #RP-1013 made in 1966 by Sawyer, Inc.)
  • Germany (1 reel #1575)
  • Washington D.C. (3 reels #7901, #7902, #7903)
  • Scenic Picture Tours (made by Sawyer, Inc.) consisting of the following places:
    • Tour of the Scenic U.S.A. (reel #RP-1002 made by GAF Corporation)
    • Niagra Falls U.S.A. and Canada (reel #RP-1004 made by Sawyer, Inc.)
    • United States National Park (reel #RP-1005 made by Sawyer, Inc.)
    • Beautiful Canada (reel #RP-1006 made by Sawyer, Inc.)
    • European Tours (reel #RP-1009 made by Sawyer, Inc.)
    • Scenes of India (reel #RP-1010 made by GAF Corporation)
    • People of Other Lands (reel #RP-1011 made by GAF Corporation)

There are two reels that have one displaced photograph. Also, a few of the reel sleeves have some writing on them and a couple of the sleeves are open on one side. Otherwise, all of the other reels are in good condition.

The actual handheld device is in near-mint condition. The View-Master With 3D Reels set provides hours of entertainment and learning which is why the View-Master With 3D Reels makes a terrific gift for everyone.

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