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Presenting the View-Master With 3D Reels.

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View-Master With 3D Reels. Manufactured by Sawyer, Inc. First, the handheld device which creates a 3-dimensional effect. Secondly, the device is a chocolate brown color. Thirdly, this collector’s item comes with many reels. The reels are thin cardboard disks containing seven small transparent color photographs. When the lever on the device is pressed down, the reel rotates to the next photograph. Each reel tells a visual short story. Most of the reels are in good condition, however, there are 2 reels that have a displaced photograph. In addition, a few of the reel sleeves have writing on them and/or are open on one side.

The vintage View-Master With 3D Reels set comes with the following reels:

  • 2 Look and See in 3-D #004-863 (1985 Kenner Parker Toys, Inc.);
  • 1 Jurrasic Park;
  • 1 Uncle Scrooge #000-790 3005 (The Walt Disney Company);
  • 1 Donald Duck #000-787 3005 (The Walt Disney Company);
  • 3 Winnie The Pooh #005-288 3010 (1964 The Walt Disney Company);
  • 1 Noah’s Arc #8511, 8513 (1965 Sawyer, Inc.);
  • 1 David and Goliath #RP-1013 (1966 Sawyer, Inc.);
  • 3 Germany #1575;
  • 3 Washington D.C. #7901, #7902, #7903; and
  • 1 Scenic Picture Tours (Sawyer, Inc.) consisting of the following places:
    • Tour of the Scenic U.S.A. #RP-1002 (GAF Corporation);
    • Niagra Falls U.S.A. and Canada #RP-1004 (Sawyer, Inc.);
    • United States National Park #RP-1005 (Sawyer, Inc.);
    • Beautiful Canada #RP-1006 (Sawyer, Inc.);
    • European Tours #RP-1009 (Sawyer, Inc.);
    • Scenes of India #RP-1010 (GAF Corporation); and
    • People of Other Lands #RP-1011 (GAF Corporation).

    The View-Master device is in excellent condition. Anyone would be pleased to get this collector item as a gift.

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