The First Family Record


The First Family Record. This item is a 1962 comedy album that pokes fun at the Kennedys. It was #1 on the Billboard 200 for 12 weeks. In excellent condition.

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The First Family Record

This collectible item is a 1962 comedy album that pokes fun at the Kennedys as the “First Family”. The scenes featured are:

  • SIDE 1: The Experiment; After Dinner Conversations; The Malayan
    Ambassador; Relatively Speaking; Astronauts; Motorcade; The Party; and The Tour.
  • SIDE 2: But Vote; Economy Lunch; The Decision; White House Visitor;
    Press Conference; The Dress; Saturday Night, Sunday Morning; Auld Lang
    Syne; and Bedtime Story SS.

Several record companies executives turned down the offer to distribute The First Family Record because they were concerned that the President would find it inappropriate.

Cadence Records on the other hand felt it had potential so they took the offer. They clearly made the right choice because after it was released, more than 1 million copies sold every week for the first 6.5 weeks.

Additionally, The First Family Record remained #1 on the Billboard 200 for 12 weeks, it won an Album of the Year Grammy Award, and comedian Vaughn Meader won an award for his impersonation of John F. Kennedy (“JFK”).

Jacqueline Kennedy didn’t appreciate the album’s humor, however, JFK found it so amusing that he purchased 100 copies and gave them away as Christmas gifts.

After Kennedy’s assassination, out of respect for the First Family, Cadence pulled the album from shelves and destroyed all remaining unsold copies.

The First Family Record sleeve cover has some slight wear on the edges, but the actual vinyl disc is in mint condition. This item makes a terrific gift for collectors and JFK fans.

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