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Introducing the Sylvester and Tweety Book.

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Sylvester and Tweety Book entitled “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat”. A Warner Bros. hardcover coffee table book.  It covers the 50-year journey of our beloved Looney Tunes cat and bird team. In addition, it has many colorful illustrations. Since 1945 audiences have enjoyed watching the yellow male canary escape the pussycat Sylvester. Their first appearance together was in the cartoon “Tweety Pie”. This Sylvester and Tweety Book will make a great memorabilia gift for any cartoon buff.

  • Jerry Beck, Shalom Auslander
  • Henry Holt & Co. (1991)
  • ISBN: 0805016449
  • Hardcover

Check them out in this classic cartoon compilation video.

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