Swept-hilt Rapier Sword


Presenting the Swept-hilt Rapier Sword. This collector’s Item has a long, slender, flexible blade with a barrel-shaped pommel. A gentlemen’s dueling weapon.

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Swept-hilt Rapier Sword. This antique has a long, slender, flexible blade. In addition, it has an artistically embossed swept-hilt which protects the user’s hand. Furthermore, it has a barrel-shaped pommel.  This sword was designed for thrusting and executing slashes and cuts during combat. Considered the weapon for “fashionable gentleman”, it is well-known as the dueling blade used in street fights as shown in swashbuckling movies such as the “Three Musketeers”. Rapier swordsmanship is what led to the creation of fencing. The Swept-hilt Rapier Sword measures approximately 40″ (blade is about 33″). It makes a great gift for collectors and dueling enthusiasts.

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