Superman Coin Stamp Lithograph Set

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Introducing the Superman Coin Stamp Lithograph Set.

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Superman Coin Stamp Lithograph Set. Based on the DC Comics 1938 crime-fighting superhero known back then as “The Man of Tomorrow, Superman”. Accordingly, the reference title for this collector’s item is “Stamping Out Injustice Since 1938”. It was created to commemorate the 32¢ Superman stamp issued in 1998 by the United States Postal Service (“USPS”).

The framed set consists of the following:

  • A large sketch of Superman in the background;
  • A custom Superman gold-tone coin;
  • The official USPS Superman stamp on an original “First day of Issue” envelope; and
  • A lithograph of the Superman stamp with the original Action Comics logo.

Because the 20th Century was nearing the end, the USPS issued a series of stamps titled Celebrate the Century. They look back at historical events that contributed to shaping the last 100 years. In addition, they were broken down into decades. Each decade having 15 stamps. One of the 1930s stamps featured the cover image from the Superman archives 1938.

The Superman Coin Stamp Lithograph Set is a limited-edition (out of 1250) from the Warner Bros. Studios Gallery. In addition, it is in great condition. This collectible makes a terrific gift for collectors and Superman enthusiasts.

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