Sprite Boy Bobblehead


Sprite Boy Bobblehead. This collectible is a 7″ Funko Wacky Wobbler based on the elf boy who was Coca-Cola’s first mascot used in their earliest advertisements.

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Sprite Boy Bobblehead

This collectible item is a 7″ Funko Wacky Wobbler based on the original Coca-Cola mascot, the “Sprite Boy”. He has a six-pack of glass Coca-Cola bottles in one hand and an open bottle of Coke in the other. In addition, he is wearing a white bottle cap hat with “Coca-Cola” written in red.  This Sprite Boy Bobblehead memorabilia is still in the original packaging. Therefore, it is in mint condition.

A pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton (1831 – 1888) invented Coca-Cola in 1886. Back in those days, pharmacies had parlor areas. The parlors had round stools surrounding a counter where you could sit and watch the “soda jerk” prepare your five cent soda or float. Consequently, the early days of Coca-Cola distribution were via soda fountains. The drink was well received and rapidly gained followers. Along the way, someone referred to the drink as “Coke”. The Coca-Cola Company didn’t like it.

However, the abbreviate name caught on so quickly they realized there was nothing they could do about it. Eventually, they went with the flow and began using the term Coke in their advertisements. In those advertisements, there was a “sprite”. But not the soda drink Sprite! A sprite as in an elf. That’s right, Coca-Cola had a young elf looking boy dressed like a soda jerk serving Coke in the advertisements. Check out The “sprite boy” was Coca-Cola’s first mascot. The Sprite Boy Bobblehead makes a great gift for collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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