Shield With 2 Crossed Swords


Shield With 2 Crossed Swords. This collector’s item is two down-crossing swords over a shield. A Heraldry Symbol announcing “the fight is over”.

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Shield With 2 Crossed Swords

This collector’s item is two down-crossing swords attached to a four-point, two-top engrailed, metal escutcheon shield. It is a single-tincture deep reddish-brown color that denotes the warrior-like traits and martial strength of its owner.

On the front, the two crossing swords that point downward are held in place by metal supports. This Shield With 2 Crossed Swords is in excellent condition.

This Shield With 2 Crossed Swords had a symbolic purpose during Medieval times. It was used as a Heraldry Symbol to announce that “the fight is over”. This item makes a terrific gift for collectors and Medieval enthusiasts.

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