Shield With 2 Crossed Swords


Shield With 2 Crossed Swords. Terrific collector’s item. This Knight’s armor with two down-crossing swords was a Heraldry Symbol announcing “the fight is over”.

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Shield With 2 Crossed Swords

This armor with two down-crossing swords was a Heraldry Symbol to announce that “the fight is over”. It is a four-point, two-top engrailed, metal escutcheon shield.  In addition, it is a single-tincture deep reddish-brown color that denotes the warrior-like traits and martial strength of its owner.

On the front, the two crossing swords that point downward are held in place by metal supports. This collector’s item is in excellent condition.

Armor (also spelled armour) literally means “mode of protection”.  Shields were used in Medieval times during combat to protect a Knight or soldier when being attacked by their enemies. The four sharp points on the escutcheon shape made them effective bludgeoning weapons as well.

However, as mentioned above, this particular Shield With 2 Crossed Swords had a symbolic purpose. It makes a terrific gift for collectors and Medieval enthusiasts.

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