Scarface Framed Memorabilia


Scarface Framed Memorabilia. Special “Every Dog Has His Day” shadowbox featuring iconic Cuban refugee, Tony Montana (hotel shootout scene)

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Scarface Framed Memorabilia

This Scarface Framed Memorabilia is an awesome collector’s item. It is a black and dark green shadowbox containing “Scarface” movie memorabilia. It features the lead character of the iconic 1983 movie, Tony Montana, the Cuban refugee played by Al Pacino.

The top half of the shadow box contains an image from the infamous hotel shootout scene when Tony shoots Hector. Below the image is a golden plaque that has one of Tony’s famous quotes, “Every Dog Has His Day”.

On both sides of the plaque, there is a globe image of Earth that says, “The World is Yours”. The bottom half of the shadow box contains 3 fake $100 dollar bills and a replica of Tony’s Beretta M81 pistol and 3 bullets.

The Scarface Framed Memorabilia is in excellent condition. It makes the perfect gift for collectors, movie buffs, Al Pacino fans, and Scarface enthusiasts.

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