Monopoly Nostalgia Edition

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Presenting the Monopoly Nostalgia Edition.

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Monopoly Nostalgia Edition by Parker Brothers. It comes in a collectible wooden box with a slide-open top. On the top cover is railroad art from the 1957 edition of the game. The other side gives the history of Monopoly with visuals. Inside the box, there is a 1930s style game board. In addition, there is a built-in banker’s tray, 2 dice, 6 antique-looking tokens, wooden houses, hotels, aged-looking Monopoly money, chance cards, title deed cards, and community chest cards. The tokens are individually wrapped and sealed. This set has never been used. Therefore it is in excellent condition.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games around the world. It was first introduced in America in 1935. The Great Depression was in full swing and Monopoly’s popularity was skyrocketing. Since families couldn’t afford the luxury of spending real money, trading fantasy real estate with Monopoly money was the next best thing. It provided them hours of entertainment which helped to relieve their stress. Because Parker Brothers felt the financial strain as well, they came out with a more economical version of the game. It was a small box with wooden tokens. Using wood meant less paper to print which lowered the cost. In addition, using durable wood meant the product would last longer. This special Monopoly Nostalgia Edition is reminiscent of that version.

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