Monkees TV Series Box Set


Introducing the Monkees TV Series Box Set.

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Monkees TV Series Box Set. A deluxe limited-edition set based on the hit 60s television sitcom “The Monkees” featuring music legends and pop culture icons Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, David Jones, and Micky Dolenz. This collector’s set consists of 21 videotapes containing 58 episodes of the classic TV series. Such as “Here Come The Monkees”, “Royal Flush”, “The Monkees In Paris”, “Mijacogeo-The Frodis Caper”, and “On Tour”. The tapes are in a box that looks like a television. In addition, the set also contains a book about the series. The book also includes a synopsis of every episode. The Monkees TV Series Box Set has never been opened and is therefore in mint condition. This item makes a great gift for collectors and Monkees fans.

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