Rare Mme Alexander Wizard of Oz Tin Man Doll


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Special rare Madame Alexander collector edition Wizard of Oz Tin Man Doll

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Presenting, the Tin Woodman (also known as the Tin Man). The Tin Woodman is a leading character from the iconic MGM motion picture The Wizard of Oz. Madame Alexander created this rare collectible Wizard of Oz themed doll in 1993 as a special collector edition commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the movie. His features are as follows:

  • Doll style #13210;
  • Eyes open and close;
  • Head, arms and legs all change position;
  • Oil can, hat, necklace, and heart charm are included;
  • Pink authenticity certificate included;

Everything (doll, box, certificate, tags) is in new/excellent condition. This rare collectible Tin Man doll was only taken partially from the box 1 time to take a picture.

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