Mettlach VB William Tell Stein

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Unveiling the Mettlach VB William Tell Stein.

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Mettlach VB William Tell Stein. A genuine antique 1/2 liter German stein Villeroy & Boch. This beer mug is 9″ tall and hand-painted. In addition, it has a decorative handle as well as a pewter inlay lid and thumb lever. There are several markings on the bottom of this antique which prove its authenticity. Firstly, it is incised with the 11th century Mettlach Ab logo and the Mettlach banner. Mettlach is in Germany which where the Villeroy & Boch factory is located. Secondly, it is stamped with the Villeroy & Boch “VB” trademark. Villeroy & Boch is known for quality stoneware. Thirdly, it is marked with a “98” which specifies an 1898 circulation date. Lastly, it reads “Gegen Nachbildung Geschützt” which means “protected against replica”.

The stein body has a detailed etching of William Tell preparing to shoot an apple off of his young son’s head. William Tell is a legendary folk hero of Switzerland. He was also who was an expert crossbow marksman. He is considered a hero because he assassinated a tyrant member of the Old Swiss Confederacy using his crossbow. To Read more about the Legend of William Tell read our article William Tell’s Tale.

The Mettlach VB William Tell Stein which is still in good condition is a legendary piece of memorabilia that also makes a cool gift.


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