Mettlach VB William Tell Stein


Mettlach VB William Tell Stein. This collector’s item, which features an etching of the folk hero, is an antique 1898 Villeroy & Boch German beer mug

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Mettlach VB William Tell Stein

This collector’s item is an antique 9″ tall, hand-painted, 1/2 liter German stein that has a decorative handle, a pewter inlay lid, and a pewter thumb lever.

It was made in Germany by Villeroy & Boch (known for its quality stoneware) at the Mettlach factory. There are several markings on the bottom of the stein proving its authenticity:

  • It is incised with the 11th century Mettlach Abby logo and the Mettlach banner
  • It is stamped with the Villeroy & Boch “VB” trademark
  • It is marked with a “98” which specifies an 1898 circulation date
  • It reads “Gegen Nachbildung Geschützt” which means “protected against replica”

In addition, the body of the Mettlach VB William Tell Stein has a detailed etching of William Tell preparing to shoot an apple off of his young son’s head.

Furthermore, it is in excellent condition. This legendary piece of memorabilia makes a great gift for collectors and avid beer drinkers.

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Mettlach VB

The Mettlach VB brand indicates items sold in our Collectibles Store created by Villeroy & Boch at their Mettlach headquarters.
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