Mettlach VB Prosit Stein


Mettlach VB Prosit Stein. This collector’s item is a Villeroy & Boch #2100 antique German stein. The word “prosit” is etched on the body which means “cheers”.

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Mettlach VB Prosit Stein

This antique is a 9″ hand-painted 1/2 liter German stein by Villeroy & Boch (#2100). It has a decorative handle, a pewter thumb lever and rim (the lid is missing), and the signature of the artist, Heinrich Schlitt.

Etched on the stein is the word “prosit” (which means “wishing good health” when making a toast) and a Germanic man offering a Roman Centurion soldier some beer hoping to get some wine in exchange.

There are several markings on the bottom of this antique proving its authenticity. Firstly, it is incised with the 11th century Mettlach Abby logo and the Mettlach banner. Mettlach is in Germany where the Villeroy & Boch factory is located.

Secondly, it is stamped with the Villeroy & Boch “VB” trademark. Villeroy & Boch is known for its quality stoneware. Thirdly, it is marked with a “94” which specifies an 1894 circulation date.

Lastly, it says “Gegen Nachbildung Geschützt” which means “protected against replica”. With the exception of the missing lid and a dent in the rim, the Mettlach VB Prosit Stein is in excellent condition.

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