Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate


Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate. This memorabilia is a Bradford Exchange limited-edition. Designed by Victor Gadino for the Silver Screen Marilyn collection.

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Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate

This memorabilia features the movie star and Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe, standing over a subway grating and an updraft from the subway passing below causes her skirt to blow suggestively above her knees. Instead of rushing to cover her legs like most women of that era would have done, Marilyn just exclaims, “Isn’t it delicious?”. Consequently, the reference title for the plate is Isn’t It Delicious.

Other details of the Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate are as follows:

    • Made of porcelain
    • Limited-edition #18124A
    • Designed by Victor Gadino;
    • Issue #1 from Silver Screen Marilyn plate collection
    • Distributed in 1997 by The Bradford Exchange
    • Comes with a display stand
    • In excellent condition

Marilyn Monroe’s “flying skirt” image was captured in New York on Sept. 15, 1954, between 52nd and 53rd street on Lexington Avenue. The photographer, Sam Show, took the photo during a movie shoot for the film “The Seven Year Itch”.

That iconic image captivated the world. Even decades after her death Marilyn Monroe is hotter than ever. In fact, she is still considered one of the sexiest movie stars of all time. The Marilyn Isn’t It Delicious Plate makes a great gift for collectors.

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