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Presenting the Mahjong Ivory Bamboo Set.

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Mahjong Bone Bamboo Set. An antique Mahjong (also known as mah jong or Mah-Jongg) game set contained within a rosewood box. There are five pull-out trays which separate the sorted Mahjong “pinyin” (or “romaji” in Japanese) tile game pieces. These tiles made of bone and backed with bamboo date back to the mid 20th century Republic period. Exquisite deeply carved design is on the sides of the box. Soft tissue separates two layers of tiles. You can see that the elaborate detail of the carvings and painting took a great deal of skill to make like the round circles on the Dots. Notice how connected tiles show a continuous scene and tell a story.

There are two flaws: 1) the word Mahjong is lightly etched into the rosewood on the front of the box, and 2) sometimes the button you press to open the front panel sticks. Other than that, this Mahjong Ivory Bamboo Set is in great condition. It measures approximately 17cm tall x 24.5cm wide x 16cm deep.

Mahjong/Mah-jongg is a game Chinese in origin played four people with 144 tiles that are drawn and discarded until one player secures a winning hand. This antique Mahjong Bone Bamboo Set includes the wood box with brass handles and decorative corners, 5 slide-out trays (or “drawers”), and the following game pieces:

  • 2 Bone Dice;
  • 2 Round Counters; and
  • Tiles:
    • Suite tiles (108 numbered 1-9): Circles/Dots (4 copies=16); Bamboo (4 copies=16); and Chinese Characters/wan (4 copies=16);
    • Honors tiles: Winds (4 copies=16) – East, South, West, North;  and Dragons (4 copies=16) – red, green, white;
    • Bonus tiles: Flowers (Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo), and Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter); and
    • Blank tiles (8).

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