Little Rascals 12 VHS Set


Little Rascals 12 VHS Set. 12 1994 Cabin Fever videos of comedic “Little Rascals” (Our Gang) with Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa, Butch, Buckwheat, dog

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Little Rascals 12 VHS Set

This vintage item is a collection of 12 VHS tapes based on the “Little Rascals” (also known as “Our Gang”) from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s comedy shorts.

The Little Rascals 12 VHS Set, released in 1994 by Cabin Fever Home Video, features the beloved characters Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa, Butch, Buckwheat, and Pete the dog.

In addition, each volume has a running time of approximately 70 minutes and contains four episodes as follows:

  • Vol. 1: “Fly My Kite”, “Honkey Donkey”, “Beginner’s Luck”, “Reunion In Rhythm”
  • Vol. 2: “Hook And Ladder”, “The First Round-Up”, “Teacher’s Beau”, “Hearts Are Thumps”
  • Vol. 3: “Teacher’s Pet”, “School’s Out”, “Love Business”, “Spooky Hooky”
  • Vol. 4: “Readin’ And Writin'”, “The Kid From Borneo”, “Sprucin’ Up”, “Pay As You Exit”
  • Vol. 5: “Bouncing Babies”, “Pups Is Pups”, “Dogs Is Dogs”, “Glove Taps”
  • Vol. 6: “Free Wheeling”, “Mike Fright”, “Washee Ironee”, “Fishy Tales”
  • Vol. 7: “Helping Grandma”, “Spanky”, “Little Papa”, “Two Too Young”
  • Vol. 8: “Shiver My Timbers”, “Choo-Choo!”, “Divot Diggers”, Oscar-winning “Bored of Education”
  • Vol. 9: “When The Wing Blows”, “The Pooch”, “Mush And Milk”, “Framing Youth”
  • Vol. 10: “Birthday Blues”, “For Pete’s Sake!”, “The Lucky Corner”, “Arbor Day”
  • Vol. 11: “The First Seven Years”. “Hi Neighbor!”, “The Pinch Singer”, “Rushin’ Ballet”
  • Vol. 12: “Boxing Gloves”, “Mama’s Little Pirate”, “Our Gand Follies Of 1938”, “Hide And Shriek”

Although the Little Rascals 12 VHS Set outer plastic wrapping has been partially opened, the VHS tapes themselves have never been viewed and are in near-mint condition.

The Little Rascals 12 VHS Set makes a great gift for collectors and Our Gang enthusiasts.

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