Lilliput Lane Coke Gas Station


Lilliput Lane Coke Gas Station. A 1995 limited-edition designed by Ray Day for the Coca-Cola Country Collection that is titled “Fill’er Up and Check the Oil”.

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Lilliput Lane Coke Gas Station

A Lilliput Lane and Ray Day limited-edition (#1750) titled “Fill’er Up and Check the Oil”. It is item #896 from the Coca-Cola Country Collection. In addition, it is an exact model of a 70-year old gas station/antique shop near Seattle, Washington. This detailed collectible was released in September of 1995 then retired in March of 1999.

  • Designed by Ray Day;
  • Produced by Lilliput Lane;
  • Handcrafted in the UK; and
  • Distributed by Enesco European Giftware Group

The Lilliput Lane Coke Gas Station is in excellent condition. It makes a great gift for Lilliput Lane collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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