Lilliput Lane Coca-Cola Five & Dime


Presenting the Coca-Cola Lilliput Lane Five & Dime.

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Lilliput Lane Coca-Cola Five & Dime. Lilliput Lane Ray Day “We’ve Got It…(Or They Just Don’t Make It)” item #894. It is from the Coca-Cola Country Collection. In addition, it is an exact model of a landmark country store in rural southwest Missouri. This detailed collectible was introduced in September of 1995 then retired in March of 2000.

  • Designed by Ray Day;
  • Produced by Lilliput Lane;
  • Handcrafted in the UK; and
  • Distributed by Enesco European Giftware Group

One of the sides has a small corner chipped off. Otherwise, the rest of the Lilliput Lane Coca-Cola Five & Dime is in excellent condition. It makes a great gift for Lilliput Lane collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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