Kuner Cuckoo Clock


Kuner Cuckoo Clock. This item was hand-carved in Black Forest Germany. It features a lumberjack, two trees, two horses pulling tree logs, and three cone weights

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Kuner Cuckoo Clock

This item is a musical cuckoo clock that was hand-carved in Black Forest Germany by Gebruder Kuner. Accordingly, it says “Kuner” on the front which guarantees this item is authentic, skillfully crafted, and traditionally engineered.

The design is Chalet-style. In addition, it has a lumberjack, two work-horses hauling tree logs through the forest, and three dancing figures which turn each hour when the melody plays. If you choose to, you can manually turn the music off.

Furthermore, the clock is operated by an 8-day mechanical movement which is driven by three weights that resemble fir cones. Therefore, it must be wound one time each week.

The Kuner Cuckoo Clock is in excellent condition. It makes a great gift for just about anyone, especially collectors.

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