Kissing Skeletons Figurine


Kissing Skeletons Figurine. This is a Love Never Dies item by Summit. It’s a bride and groom being intimate. She wears only a veil. He’s got a top hat and tie.

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Kissing Skeletons Figurine

The groom is wearing only a top hat and tie. She is wearing only a wedding veil. In addition, he is holding the bride in his arms and giving her a tongue kiss (since they don’t have lips). Furthermore, because they are forever mates, the couple is sitting on a rock that says “Love Never Dies”.

This collectible figurine, released by Summit Collection Gifts, is made of cold cast resin, hand-painted, and measures approximately 7″ tall. It is not in the original packaging. However, it is in excellent condition. This item makes a great gift for collectors and couples.

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