Hot Wheels Redline Plymouth


Hot Wheels Redline Plymouth. This mint collectible is a green 1971 1:64 scale model GTX with Redline five-spoke tires. It is #2 of 4 from Neo-Classics Series 2.

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Hot Wheels Redline Plymouth

This collectible item is a diecast 1:64 scale model of a Plymouth GTX. Firstly, it has Redline® five-spoke tires. Secondly, the exterior paint is a Spectraflame® antifreeze green color and the interior is an off-white color.

Thirdly, the sides have “GTX” in white with a black stripe. Fourthly, the sides of the hood have two black stripes with “440”. Fifthly, it has bent-axle suspension and a metal chassis. Released by Hot Wheels in 2003, it is #2 of 4 from the Neo-Classics Series 2.

This Hot Wheels Redline Plymouth has never been opened. Therefore, it is in mint condition.

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