Hong Kong Phooey Bobblehead

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Meet the Hong Kong Phooey Bobblehead.

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Hong Kong Phooey Bobblehead. A retired Funko Wacky Wobbler. It is based on the character from the Hanna-Barbera animated series. Hong Kong Phooey is a humorous naive dog who acts more like a human than a canine.  He is a super-dog who likes to fight crime. However, Spot his cat catches most of the criminals with its deductive reasoning. Hong Kong Phooey disguises his secret identity with a robe and an eye mask. When it’s time to turn into his crime fighter alter ego, he jumps into a filing cabinet, gets stuck, then unstuck, and off he goes. He drives a “Phooeymobile” that transforms into a boat, a plane, or a telephone booth whenever he bangs on his gong. The masked super-dog uses kung-fu that he learned reading The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu, a martial-arts instruction handbook. The idea for the series came from Kung Fu movies such as Bruce Lee’s famous 1973 theatrical motion picture, “Enter the Dragon”. This collectible Hong Kong Phooey Bobblehead has been stored in the original packaging and is therefore in excellent condition.

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To see Hong Kong Phooey is action, watch this YouTube video of Hong Kong Phooey crossing paths With Safe Thieves

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