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Harpo Marx Statue. A rare 1970s heavy chalkware statue. Hand-crafted from molded plaster of Paris. Based on the legendary Marx Brother comedian. It measures approximately 18″ tall and weighs about 11 pounds. This large vintage figurine is in good condition.

Harpo (1988 – 1964) was a comedian and a mime artist. He was the only Marx brother who never spoke during performances. To communicate he would use pantomime and blow a whistle or horn. Traditionally he would dress like a clown wearing a curly reddish blonde wig with a small hat, baggy clothes, and over-sized worn-out shoes. In addition, he would often use props such as a cane. Furthermore, he performed on television, in movies, and on stage. He even received an honorary Academy Award to a standing ovation. The Harpo Marx Statue is a great gift for Marx brothers fans, and entertainment history buffs.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 18 in


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