Groucho Marx Statue


Groucho Marx Statue. This collector’s item is a chalkware figure based on the legendary Marx Brother comedian. It weighs 9lbs and is 16″ tall. Created by Esco.

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Groucho Marx Statue

This collector’s item isa Groucho Marx Statue based on the legendary Marx Brother comedian. It is hand-crafted from plaster of Paris (referred to as “chalkware”). Consequently, it weighs approximately 9 pounds.

In addition, it was produced in 1973 by The Entertainment Statue Company (also known as “Esco”). Because Esco’s signature style was to sculpt heads larger than the body, it has a disproportionately large head.

This statue captivates Groucho’s distinctive appearance with thick eyebrows and mustache and a cigar in hand. The back of the base which the statue is mounted on has a few minor paint chips along the bottom rim. Otherwise, the rest of the statue is in excellent condition.

Groucho Marx (1890 – 1977) was an American comedian. He starred in television shows and feature films. In addition, as a master of quick wit, he also starred on Broadway in vaudeville acts.

Accordingly, Groucho is considered one of America’s greatest comedians. The Groucho Marx Statue makes the perfect gift for collectors, Marx Brothers fans, and vaudeville enthusiasts.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 in


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