Green Goblin Eaglemoss Figurine


Green Goblin Eaglemoss Figurine. This collectible item, based on the Marvel Comics villain, was released with issue #8 of the Marvel Classic Collection magazine

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Green Goblin Eaglemoss Figurine

This collectible item is based on the Marvel comic book character, Green Goblin. He is wearing a purple bodysuit over his green skin with a waist pouch draped over his shoulder. He hides behind a mask and holds a pumpkin bomb.

It was cast in metallic resin, hand-painted, mounted on a base, and measures about 3.5″ tall. Eaglemoss Publications released this item in 2005 along with issue #8 of The Marvel Classic Figurines Collection magazine. Although it is not in the original packaging, the Green Goblin Eaglemoss Figurine is in excellent condition.

Before the Green Goblin was the Green Goblin, he was a mechanical genius who invented all sorts of technologically advanced gadgets. In addition, he was a cunning business who founded a chemical research corporation that discovers a biogenic chemical compound meant to enhance the human body.

He tests the formula on himself and suddenly has superhuman strength, quicker reflexes, and the ability to heal fast. However, the special potion also had an adverse effect, it made him go insane. His foolish irrational thoughts are what led him to fabricate his new persona.

With all his monstrous glory and fancy gadgets, the Green Goblin is one of the greatest comic book villains of all time. Hence, the Green Goblin Eaglemoss Figurine makes a great gift for collectors and comic book enthusiasts.

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