Eaglemoss Wolverine Figurine


Eaglemoss Wolverine Figurine. Based on Marvel’s “Logan” character. It was distributed with issue #2 of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection magazine series.

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Eaglemoss Wolverine Figurine

This is a near-mint 3.5″ figurine cast in resin, hand-painted, and mounted on a base. It features the Marvel Comics character also known as “Logan” in a yellow and blue bodysuit and finger blades.

Eaglemoss Publications released the figurine in January of 2005 in conjunction with issue #2 of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection magazine series.

Wolverine is a fictional character who was surgically transformed into a mutant. First, animal-like adaptations were made to his body, including sharp fangs and retractable claws.

Secondly, his skeleton was reinforced with an indestructible metal that makes him immune to diseases, drugs, and toxins, which in turn allows him to heal faster and live longer.

Ranked as one of the greatest comic book characters of all time, Wolverine has had his own comic book series since 1988 and has appeared in films, television, and video games.

Hence, the Eaglemoss Wolverine Figurine makes a great gift for collectors and Marvel enthusiasts.

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