Eaglemoss Venom Figurine


The Eaglemoss Venom Figurine is a 3.5″ collectible distributed in 2008 with issue #32 of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection magazine series.

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Eaglemoss Venom Figurine

This Entertainment Collectible is a 1:21 scale 3.5″ figurine of the Marvel comic book villain, Venom, cast in metallic resin, hand-painted, and mounted on a Marvel base.

Venom has big white eyes, a long lizard-like tongue, sharp teeth, bulging muscles, and a white spider symbol on his chest (from symbiote merging with Spider-Man’s DNA).

Included is issue ##32 of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection magazine series that Eaglemoss Publications released with this figurine in 2008.

There are two places on the magazine with some damage (see pics). However, the actual Eaglemoss Venom Figurine is still in its original packaging and is, therefore, in mint condition.

Eaglemoss Venom Figurine magazine front damage close up
Eaglemoss Venom Figurine magazine back damage close up

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