DC Robin Tall Ceramic Mug


DC Robin Tall Ceramic Mug. Collectible item by Applause that is blue and features a raised image of Batman’s sidekick, Robin (aka the Boy Wonder)

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DC Robin Tall Ceramic Mug

This collectible item is a tall ceramic mug featuring the DC Comics character who is Batman’s sidekick, Robin (also known as the Boy Wonder).

The mug, released by Applause in 1995, is based on the movie “Batman Forever”. It is blue with an engraved design of buildings and a raised figural image of Robin in his usual costume.

In addition, this item has never been used and comes in the original box. Therefore, the DC Robin Tall Ceramic Mug is in mint condition. It makes a terrific gift for collectors and DC Comics fans.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 5.5 in


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