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Coke Sprite Boy Thermometer


Coke Sprite Boy Thermometer. This is a rare vintage collectible. It’s a 12″ red, round gage that tells the room temperature featuring the Coca-Cola Sprite Boy.

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Coke Sprite Boy Thermometer

This is a rare vintage collectible. It is a red, round gage that tells the room temperature. It measures 12″ in diameter. The front of the thermometer features the Sprite Boy. In addition, the front also says “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Delicious and Refreshing”. It is lightweight and ready to hang on any wall. Furthermore, it is in good condition.

Coke Sprite Boy Thermometer Elf

The “sprite boy” was the first mascot that The Coca-Cola Company used in its advertisements. Contrary to what you might think, the term “Sprite” does not refer to the soft drink. Instead, sprite used in this instance means an elf. That’s right, the Sprite Boy was a young elf boy. He was dressed like a soda jerk and was usually shown serving the Coke.

In the 1800s when Coke was first invented, pharmacies had parlor areas with soda fountains. Back in those days, everyone gathered at the parlors on a Friday night to have a good time. They would sit at the counter to watch the “soda jerk” prepare their five-cent soda or float at the soda fountain. The Coke Sprite Boy Thermometer makes a great gift for collectors and Coke enthusiasts.

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