Coke Memorabilia Chess Set


Coke Memorabilia Chess Set. A mint condition strategy board game with 32 custom chess pieces which are also authentic Coca-Cola memorabilia.

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Coke Memorabilia Chess Set

This collectible item is a chess set titled “Coca-Cola vs Coke”. This item is particularly special because of the 32 Coca-Cola custom memorabilia game pieces included in the set which are:

  • Coca-Cola Santa (Red Team’s King)
  • Coke Polar Bear (White Team’s King )
  • 1960s Contour Coca-Cola Bottles (Red/White Team Queen)
  • Coca-Cola Bell Glasses (Red/White Team Bishop)
  • Vintage Coca-Cola Cans (Red/White Team Knights)
  • Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machines (Red/White Team Rooks)
  • Coca-Cola Bottle Caps (Red/White Team Fawns)

Also included  is a special edition Coca-Cola chessboard and the rules. This item is still in its original, unopened packaging. Therefore, it is in mint condition.

The Coke Memorabilia Chess Set is a fun and challenging strategy board game that makes a terrific gift for collectors, Coca-Cola enthusiasts, and all chess players.

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