Coca-Cola Red Disc Ad Sign


Coca-Cola Red Disc Ad Sign. This collector’s item is an original vintage round red metal sign that was used in the 1940s to advertise the iconic cola.

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Coca-Cola Red Disc Ad Sign

This item is a rare vintage collectible. It is an original red Coca-Cola metal advertising sign from the 1940s. The sign is round and measures 4′ in diameter. On the front, there is an image of a glass Coke bottle with “Coca-Cola” written in white.

Coca-Cola began using the red disc/button signs in 1947 and they ranged from 12″ to 48″. They were placed on the exterior of buildings to inform passers-by know that a Coke could be found inside the establishment.

The specific red color with its cursive white lettering is a strong graphic image that became an iconic symbol for Coca-Cola’s outdoor point-of-sale signage. The Coca-Cola Red Disc Ad Signs became so popular that businesses also started hanging them inside for decoration.

Having this authentic Coca-Cola Red Disc Ad Sign on your wall as decor will surely impress everyone who enters. It makes a terrific gift for collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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