Coca-Cola Collector Chess Set


Coca-Cola Collector Chess Set. A cool special edition board game. It has 32 custom chess pieces which are also authentic Coca-Cola memorabilia.

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Coca-Cola Collector Chess Set

This collectible item is a cool special edition chess set. Coca-Cola is the red team and Coke is the white team. Consequently, this board game is titled “Coca-Cola vs Coke”.

What makes this Coca-Cola Collector Chess Set special are its 32 Coca-Cola custom memorabilia game pieces as follows:

    • Coca-Cola Santa (red team’s King)
    • Coca-Cola Polar Bear (white team’s King)
    • 1960s Contour Coca-Cola Bottles (red and white team Queens)
    • Coca-Cola Bell Glasses (red and white team Bishops)
    • Vintage Coca-Cola Cans (red and white team Knights)
    • Vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machines (red and white teams Rooks)
    • Coca-Cola Bottle Caps (red and white team Fawns)

Also included with the set are the rules and the chessboard. The corners of the set’s box are slightly split open showing some wear. Otherwise, the Coca-Cola Collector Chess Set is in excellent condition.

Chess is a fun and challenging game played all over the world. It makes a terrific gift for collectors and Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

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