Clayface Batman Series Cel

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Presenting the Clayface Batman Series Cel.

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Clayface Batman Series Cel. A rare collector’s item featuring the DC character Clayface. It is based on the “Feat of Clay” (Part I and Part II) from Batman The Animated Series. Consequently, the title of the cel is also “Feat of  Clay”. The scene depicted is the dramatic confrontation between the Dark Knight superhero and the mud-face villain. In addition, the Warner Bros. Animation Art Studio created this collector’s item in 1997 using traditional animation in combination with serigraphy and lithography. Furthermore, it is limited-edition #90 (out of 500). Lastly, it comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Clayface is a fictional DC Comics character. In the Batman Animated Series, Clayface was an actor who was disfigured in a car accident. In hopes of regaining his youthful good looks, he becomes a test subject for an expermental beauty cream called ‘Renuyu’. The cream is highly addictive. An overdose turns him into the bulky, clay-like form and gives him shapeshifting abilities. Because of Clayface’s popularity, he has appeared in comic books, television, film, and video games. In fact, he was ranked as IGN‘s 73rd Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

The Clayface Batman Series Cel is in excellent condition. Additionally, it comes already framed and instantly ready to hang on the way. It is a great gift for collectors and DC Comics fans.

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