Civil War Revolver Set

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Presenting a rare Civil War Revolver Set.

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Civil War Revolver Set. A rare set which commemorates the 200th anniversary of the United States Cavalry from 1777 to 1977. In addition, only 3000 of these army collector sets were ever made. This set is contained in a handsome American walnut wood case. The case has a gold plated plaque and it locks with a key. Also, the inside of the case which is lined with blue oiled velvet is in excellent condition. On the revolver barrel, it says “United States Cavalry Commemorative”. Additionally, the revolver cylinder has an engraved Naval engagement scene. Under the cylinder, it reads “Colts patent U.S.”. The set consists of the following items which are in mint condition:

  • Key to the case;
  • One Colt powder flask;
  • One Eley Bros. Cap tin;
  • One detachable walnut stock with brass butt plate and serial number;
  • Nipple wrench;
  • Colt bullet mold tool; and
  • Two 1860 Colt revolvers with the following features:
    • .44 Caliber;
    • Walnut grips;
    • Unfluted cylinders;
    • Blued steel barrels;
    • Brass trigger guards;
    • Brass backstraps;
    • Military inspection marks; and
    • Case hardened receiver and bullet seater.

The Civil War Revolver Set makes a perfect gift for collectors.

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