Cheech Up In Smoke Bobblehead


Cheech Up In Smoke Bobblehead. A Head Knocker by NECA based on the comedian and co-star of funny Cheech and Chong 1978 hit comedy film

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Cheech Up In Smoke Bobblehead

This collectible item is a Cheech Head Knocker by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (“NECA”). It is based on the co-star of the hilarious hit movie “Up In Smoke“. He is playing an electric guitar and wearing cat-eye sunglasses, a red knit cap, a pink tank top, white shorts, white tutu, knee-highs, and big shoes.

It measures approximately 8” tall and is mounted on a base that says “Pedro”. This piece of movie memorabilia is in its original packaging (taken out once to take a photo). Therefore, the Cheech Up In Smoke Bobblehead is in excellent condition.

Up In Smoke is a 1978 comedy film about stoners. The stars are comedians Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Cheech plays the part of Pedro. An easy-going pot-head that drives a beat-up lowrider. Chong plays the part of Man, an out-of-work pot-head drummer.

The two meet when Pedro sees Man standing on the side of the road with a drum-set hitchhiking. Pedro offers him a ride. The two quickly become friends while smoking a joint. The rest of the movie is filled with stoner moments and funny situations they get in and out of.

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