Brunette Doll On Stand


Brunette Doll On Stand. She is 17″ with life-like brunette hair, brown eyes, and ceramic face/hands. She’s wearing a burgundy dress with matching jacket and hat

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Brunette Doll On Stand

This doll, released in the 1990s, has life-like brown hair and brown eyes. She has a firm, stuffed center body, but her face and hands are made of strong and smooth ceramic. In addition, she is wearing a burgundy crushed velvet dress with white plaid trim, matching jacket, matching hat, petticoat leggings, tights, and black lace-up shoes.

Furthermore, she stands 17″ tall and comes on a removable stand. Although she is not in the original box, she is in excellent condition. This collectible Brunette Doll On Stand would make a great gift and is sure to put a smile on any young child’s face.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 in