Batman Robin Litho With Pins


Batman Robin Litho With Pins. This collectible is a 1999 DC limited-edition matted and framed lithograph with 7 enamel pins to commemorate artist Dick Sprang.

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Batman Robin Litho With Pins

This collector’s item is a 1999 DC Comics limited-edition collector’s item. It was created to commemorate the popular Batman and Robin artist, Dick Sprang (1915-2000). This matted and framed set contains one lithograph and seven enameled brass pins.

Firstly, there is a Sprang lithographic print of Batman and Robin. In the litho, the dynamic duo is running past a crown of people in Gotham City in pursuit of a criminal. The Bat-signal shines high in the sky. A large enamel pin with the classic Batman and Robin logo is at the center of the Bat-signal.

Secondly, the bottom half of the set has the six remaining enamel pins. These pins, in order from left to right, are of Batman, the Joker, Robin, the Penguin, the Batmobile, and Catwoman. It was acquired directly from the Warner Bros. Studio Stores Gallery. It measures approximately 32″ tall and about 20″ wide.

The Batman Robin Litho With Pins set is in excellent condition because the black frame has a plexiglass cover. Furthermore, it comes instantly ready to hang on your wall. This special collectible art is a great gift for Batman enthusiasts and Dick Sprang fans.

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