Batman and Batgirl Plate


Batman and Batgirl Plate. This is a limited-edition collector’s item based on the animated television series. Authenticity Certificate included. Mint condition.

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Batman and Batgirl Plate

You are looking at a limited-Edition (#713 out of 2,500) collectible based on the Batman animated television series. It features Batman and Batgirl standing on the roof of a tall building overlooking Gotham City with a large moon shining behind them.

This plate was created by Marc Lumar and David McBride exclusively for the Warner Bros. Studios Stores Gallery. In addition, the Certificate of Authenticity is printed directly on the back. The Batman and Batgirl Plate has never been used and is still in its original packaging.

Therefore, it is in mint condition. The Batman and Batgirl Plate is the perfect gift for collectors and DC Comics enthusiasts.

  • Batman is a fictional DC comic book superhero and the main character in the animated series. He is a wealthy man living in Gotham City whose crime-fighting alter ego wears a bat costume. His superpowers are the expensive equipment he uses to catch criminals.
  • Batgirl is Batman’s peer and ally. She is a young intelligent woman who attended Gotham University. Her alter ego is a superheroine who also dresses in a bat costume and fights crime. But her superpowers are her intelligence and her amazing acrobatic skills that she learned taking gymnastics at the University. Additionally, her physical fitness conditioning gives her great speed, flexibility, and strength.

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