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Presenting the Avon Railroads Collector Stein.

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Avon Railroads Collector Stein. Handcrafted exclusively for Avon in Brazil Ceramarte and distributed in 1982 to celebrate the history of America’s railroads. The ceramic body of this beer mug has raised images of The General steam locomotive; Union Pacific Railroad railway company; the Twentieth Century Limited express passenger train; and the American Orient Express luxury passenger train. Because it is a railroad theme, the thumb lever looks like a steam train’s whistle and the lid looks like a train wheel. Both the thumb lever and the lid are pewter. Its limited edition number is 35625. There are no cracks or chips. Although it is out of its original box, this Avon Railroads Collector Stein has never been used so it is in good condition.

The first chartered railway built in 1826 was for freight only and it ran about three miles. Then in 1830, the first mechanical passenger train developed. However, it also only traveled several miles. Fortunately, 1850, over 9,000 miles of railway track had been lain therefore making it possible for railway systems to travel outside of just the local domain. By the year 1870 transcontinental railroads were running from the East and the West establishing a new era in American history. Since then America’s railroads have had a large impact on both economic life and the growth of the American people.

The Avon Railroads Collector Stein is a great piece of memorabilia for historians and train buffs. As well as a fun mug for any beer drinker.

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