Avon Football Stein


Avon Football Stein. This collector’s item is a limited-edition German beer mug distributed in 1983 to celebrate the all-American game of football.

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Avon Football Stein

A limited-edition (#276883) 1/2 liter stein handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Avon by Ceramarte. It was distributed in 1983 to celebrate the all-American game of football.

It has colorful raised images of football players in vintage uniforms playing a football game. The body and decorative handle are ceramic and both the hinged lid and the thumb lever are pewter.

The lid has an embossed football helmet and the thumb-lift is shaped like a football. Although the Avon Football Stein is not in its original packaging, it has never been used. Therefore, it is in excellent condition.

Football has been around for centuries but was originally called “Rugby”. It was considered a violent sport because it allowed excessive tackling even though the uniforms had no protective padding.

Then, in 1905, the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States (NCAA) was formed and in 1906 a new rule was introduced which devised to reduce injury.

One of the most important changes in the establishment of the modern game was the added rules to protect the players which is what distinguishes American football from its rugby counterpart.

See the Avon Football Stein live on YouTube. This item makes a great gift for collectors and beer drinkers.

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