Avon Classic Cars Stein


Avon Classic Cars Stein. This collector’s item is a limited-edition ceramic beer mug with raised images of a Stanley Steamer, a Model-T, an MG, and a Bugatti.

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Avon Classic Cars Stein

This collector’s item is a limited-edition. It is a 1/2 liter ceramic beer mug handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Avon Products by Ceramarte. Released in 1979 as part of the Avon “Building of America” stein collection, the theme is “Classic Cars“. Consequently, it features raised images of the following classic American cars from the 1900s:

  • The Stanley Steamer, as its name suggests, was a steam-engine vehicle. In 1903 it won the world record for the fastest mile. Then impressively in 1906, it also won the world speed record (28.2 seconds).
  • The Ford Motor Company Model T released in 1911 was a powerful symbol of modernization because it signified an upscale change for the middle-class. Its affordable price meant middle-income households could afford to travel. Taking vacations played a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the family unit.
  • The MG TA Midget was a two-seater sports car released in 1936 by Morris Garages Car Company. It was famous for the radiator design, swept wings, running boards, folding windscreen, large accessible bonnet, foldable hood, and side curtains.
  • The Bugatti racing car won the Grand Prix World Championship in 1926 after winning 351 races and setting 47 records.

In addition, the Avon Classic Cars Stein has a decorative handle, hinged lid, and a thumb lift. Furthermore, the limited-edition serial number 497687 is marked on the bottom. And although it is not in its original packaging, it has never been used. Therefore, it is still in excellent condition. The Avon Classic Cars Stein makes a terrific gift for collectors, car lovers, and beer drinkers.

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