Avon Cattle Drive Stein


Avon Cattle Drive Stein. This collector’s item is a 1980 limited-edition western-themed beer mug featuring a cattle drive, roping, chuckwagon, and a stagecoach.

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Avon Cattle Drive Stein

This collector’s item is a limited-edition stein that was distributed in 1980. It was handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Avon Products by Ceramarte. The theme is “Cattle Drive“. Consequently, it features raised images of country western scenes including a stagecoach, a cowboy roping for the roundup, and a chuckwagon. Under the images, it has the words “Stage Coach”, “Roping”, “Chuck Wagon”, and “Cattle Drive”.

In addition, the Avon Cattle Drive Stein has a decorative rope-like handle and a pewter hinged lid with a pewter thumb lift. This 1/2 liter stein is made of ceramic. The limited-edition serial number 362652 is located on the bottom. Although it is not in its original packaging, it has never been used. Therefore, it is in excellent condition.

The historical era of the cattle drives took place before the widespread use of fencing and lasted approximately 20 years. A crew made up of 12 people composed mostly of male cowboys usually managed the drives.

These men used a roping technique referred to as the Houlihan to catch and steer straying cattle back in with the herd. A chuckwagon trailed behind them which transported the cook and enough food for the Cowboys to eat three meals a day for several months.

Many of the cattle drive trails became established stagecoach routes. The stagecoaches had to be strong and sturdy to withstand the rough terrain of the trails. They transported passengers that were hearty enough to withstand the long difficult ride heading West in hopes of finding land and new opportunities.

Those stagecoaches played a major role in the growth and expansion of the United States by moving the population West. This Avon Cattle Drive Stein is historical memorabilia. It makes a handsome gift for collectors, cowboys, American history buffs, country-western enthusiasts, and beer lovers.

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