Avon Aviation Stein


Avon Aviation Stein. This item is a 1981 limited-edition beer mug commemorating flight. It features the Montgolfier Balloon; Wright Brothers; and the Piper Cub.

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Avon Aviation Stein

This collector’s item is a 1/2 liter stein handcrafted in Brazil by Ceramarte exclusively for Avon Products. It was released in 1981 as part of the Avon “Building of America” stein collection. , its theme is “The History of Aviation”.

Consequently, it features raised images of famous American aviators and aircraft including the Montgolfier Balloon (1783), the Wright Brothers (1903), and the Piper Cub plane (1940). In addition, it has a decorative handle, hinged pewter lid, and a pewter thumb lift.

The limited-edition serial number 57819 is marked on the bottom of the Avon Aviation Stein. This item is not in the original packaging but it has never been used. Also, the lid needs to be cleaned because it is slightly tarnished. Otherwise, the Avon Aviation Stein is in excellent condition.

  • Montgolfier Balloon (1783): Air flights began during the 18th century with the Montgolfier brothers, Wilbur and Orville. They were the inventors of the first hot air balloon. The tethered hot-air balloon (originally called “dirigible balloons” or “airships”) and the free-flying balloon were the first airships to have a human crew onboard.
  • Wright Brothers (1903): By the early 20th century, major advances in engine technology and aerodynamics had taken place. Consequently, those advancements made it possible for the Wright brothers to build a controlled, heavier-than-air, powered aircraft. It was called the Wright Flyer (also referred to as “Flyer I” or the “1903 Flyer”). On December 17, 1903, the Wright Flyer successfully sustained flight. That day made the Wright brothers famous.
  • Piper Cub (1940): Around 1940 the Piper Aircraft Company developed the first lightweight airplane called the “Piper Cub”. Its lightweight and simple design meant it performed well at low-speeds, a necessity for short-field takeoffs and landings. As a result, the Piper Cub became a valuable asset during World War II. It was used for a variety of military uses such as reconnaissance, liaison, and ground control.

Those monumental advancements in aviation history are commemorated with the Avon Aviation Stein. This wonderful memorabilia would no doubt make a great gift for any collector, pilot, World War II veteran, and avid beer drinker.

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