Antique Spiked Flail


Antique Spiked Flail. This Middle Ages weapon (“ball-and-chain”) is a 4.5″ heavy metal ball with sharp points attached to an 11-link chain with 20″ wood handle.

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Antique Spiked Flail

This collector’s item, the flail, is a Medieval specialty weapon (also referred to as a “ball-and-chain” or “military flail”) from the Middle Ages that was used in combat on horseback to sweep around a shield.

The striking point is a 4.5″ heavy metal ball that has several triangular points. In addition, the ball is attached to an 11-link chain which is attached to a wooden one-handed 20″ handle.

The handle has worn-in depressions where fingers were placed. In addition, one of the spikes is missing the end tip. The Antique Spiked Flail makes an impressive gift for collectors and Medieval enthusiasts.

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