Antique Mettlach Archer Stein



Unveiling the Antique Mettlach Archer Stein.

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Antique Mettlach Archer Stein. Villeroy & Boch 1/2 liter German stein #2082. It is 9″ tall, hand-painted, and has a decorative handle. The inlay lid and thumb lever are pewters. The stein body has a detailed etching of archer William Tell shooting an apple off his son’s head. There are several markings on the bottom of this antique Mettlach archer stein as proof of its authenticity. It is incised with the 11th century Mettlach Ab and the Mettlach banner, as well as the “VB” trademark (for Villeroy & Boch). The bottom also reads “Gegen Nachbildung Geschützt (which means “protected against replica”) and “98” for the circulation date of 1898.

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