Antique Medieval Spiked Flail Weapon



Presenting an Antique Medieval Spiked Flail. Talk about the WOW factor…

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You are looking at an antique Medieval Weapon, the Flail (sometimes referred to as the “ball-and-chain” flail). This is a crushing and bludgeoning weapon. It has a one-handed wooden handle (or “haft”)with a striking head that is attached to the handle a heavy duty metal link chain. The striking head is a solid heavy metal ball with iron spikes. The handle has worn-in depressions where the fingers where placed. The ball is approximately 5.5″ in diameter, the chain is about 9″ long and the handle is approximately 30″ long. A definite collectors item and conversation piece.

Other terms used are:

  • Flail
  • Military Flail
  • Morning Star
  • Kettenmorgenstern
  • Mace-and-chain
  • Ball-and-Chain
  • Chain Mace
  • Mace

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